What You Might Ask Is A Donskoy?...
Is it a cat, really?


The Little "Donskoy" are attracting ever increasing attention.  These cats seem to have the ability to generate a number of different reactions.  No one seems to be able to stay indifferent at the sight of the Donskoy.  Although their reactions may vary greatly, from shock to delight, to wonderment or, alas, even aversion.  Many even marvel at the sight of this cat and become seriously enchanted by it.  It resembles a quickly spreading epidemic.  A couple of years ago people hardly knew anything about these cats.

    To imagine a Donskoy you have to forget what an "ordinary" cat is expected to look or even be like.  Donskoy cats remind you of extra terrestrials coming from another universe.  They have characterised large shell type ears, long strong legs and tail, and their eyes make you believe in the transmigration of Basted goddess ghost.  The appearance of a good Don is characterised by magic harmony, but any deviation by the breeder will create a pretty hairless cat and nothing more.  The most important trait is  WRINKLES - the more wrinkles - the better the cat.

    All Donskoy cats have very extraordinary looks: a special shape of head, body and limbs, including toes and tail.  Just imagine an ET head with long ears and almond-shaped eyes, add the scruff of a giraffe, the small belly of a piglet, the tail of the Rat King from the "Nutcracker", the small webbed toes of a monkey, complete it a working thumb and put this creature into a leather or suede vestment which has numerous wrinkles and you will get the surrealistic image of the enigmatic Russian Hairless Donskoy.

    This surrealistic image influences the cat's behavior:  It was noted that the Don Sphynx can resist emotional stress very well.  Don Sphynxare highly intelligent and loyal to the owner.  They are smart, waggish, and very lively and behave themselves rather more like children than like cats. They also tend to take on their owners personality which makes for some very interesting entertainment.

    The skin of the Don is similar to human skin: it sweats when they are hot, it burns if the sun is too hot, and it sun-tans.  When cold weather appears their bodies accumulate fat in an area called the fatty belly only to disappear when the warm seasons return.  The Don has a small place where this fat accumulation is stored which is called a fatty belly.

    These cats are strong, muscular, very wise, and tender hearted.  They like to be with people and keep you company wherever you go.  They are very active and creative in the games they invent and play.  They are very friendly with anyone they encounter and manage to adapt in practically any new situation.  These cats are effortlessly trained and easily follow voice commands.

    Dons have elongated webbed fingers and are able to seize things with their hands (tiny monkey hands).  Their toes are very close to those of human toes.  They are hairless, velour or  flock  so they don't need combing and they never shed.  They are free from musk odour and the males rarely, if ever spray.  They are inclined to sweat so need daily wiping with cloths as well as regular bathing.

     Due to their high body temperature, the Donskoy need more food than other breeds.  Their high body temperature also helps the Don to resist infections.  Adult Donskoy possess high immunity to most diseases, but it is important to keep them away from draughty places.

    Eating is the best pastime for the Donskoy.  Russian experts recommend Premium type food, though they approve of convenient food for cats at home as well.  The Don is a connoisseur of special cuisine.  Donskoy always appreciate something new, something that we would never regard as appropriate food for cats, e.g. uncooked potato, fresh tomatoes, pickled cabbage, watermelon, apples and kiwi, buckwheat porridge. spaghetti, green peas and corn - we know a cat that likes cakes and especially fresh bread.  Mine even love bean soup and gummy bears.

    Russian Donskoy are easy to work with.  They allow their owners to do whatever they need to do with them, even the unpleasant procedures like medical injections and nail trimming.  You will  hardly ever find a cat scratching or biting its owner.  Although Dons  are very kind to people, they  may show a rather selective attitude towards other cats.  But a Donskoy, while snarling at another cat, will never bite or demonstrate this attitude toward people...  With the loss of their fur these cats lost all the traits of a cat's independence and wildness.

    The Donskoy will enchant you with their mental abilities, joviality, wonderful tricks, and their precious and lovable nature.  Their motto - Not a scratch!  Love to their owners will attract the most rigorous people.  Sometimes such love will make Dons jealous of other cats and may create some minor problems.  Donskoy will try its best to be the only one beloved.  These cats are very gentle and loving, it's rather easy to own one, they eat practically everything; they will survive in any cold climate, but prefer to sleep in a warm area, and what's  more important - they love their masters unconditionally!  The point is - Donskoy has the type of nature that does not resemble a cat, in fact Dons do not regard themselves as cats and they respect humans as equal.  It has been said about Donskoy that, "They are not humans beings yet, but they are not ready cats either."  The Dons are considered to carry medicinal energy and a positive bio-field.  Personally I believe this to be true.  Their auras are two to three times the size of that of the auras of any other breed of cat.


    Unique Affection Shown       Intelligent Eyes
      By The Dons Toward
            Each Other

For an incredible glimpse into the character of the Don, stop back later and have a look at how the male Don  assists with the birthing and raising of the young.  Watch for our Maternity page coming soon.